FAQs & Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to keep each book every month? 

Yes! If you purchase the book box once purchased the book is officially yours to keep. This is an awesome way to start your book collection.

Will I be receiving a new book? 

Some times, not all will be brand new books but will be in great condition. BWRT believes in reading reused, reduced, and recycled books.

I already have this book, can I still be in this months book club?

In order to be considered a book club member, you must purchase the membership only listing from the site. This will grant you access to all of the perks that come with the book box option.  

Can I skip a month?

Yes, the membership will be charged every 60 days. If you do not want to participate the next moth's bookclub you will need to cancel the subscription.

Can I rejoin the bookclub after cancelling my subscription?

Yes, just make another purchase and it will automatically charge your card every 60 days.

Can I choose which book I receive?

Yes. At the end of every book, the club votes on next months book.  
What is the book box?

Think of your box as your monthly subscription shipment. It will include the selected title and different essential items. Every month the items will differ just like the book.  

I'm not African American can I still join?
Yes, of course! We accept all ethnicities in this book club. Please do not be alarmed by the name. While we encourage everyone who identifies as a woman to join, we recognize that in the African American Community “book clubs” are not typically highlighted. We hope our name opens the door for more Black Women Gatherings.

What is your return policy?

If you receive a damaged or defective book, please contact us via the contact button on this site within 5 days of the original date of shipment to request a replacement. You can still join the weekly discussions until you receive your replacement book.  If for any reason BWRT has to cancel 2 or more discussion meetings you will be issued a replacement book credit in which you can use for the Next month only. No refunds will be issued for lack of participation.

Our Book Club Story

I tell people all the time , I was not an avid reader before creating Book Club. I read 1 book , that changed my whole outlook on life. I was so overjoyed that I wanted to share it with every woman I knew. I wanted to show the world that you didn’t have to be a book word to enjoy literature. You could be a Mom , or Rich Auntie. A Teacher , or Exotic Dancer. A young adult , or young at heart. Building this community has been so much fun for me. & being accepted by women you’ve never even met in person is such a beautiful experience . I wish this on everyone!

Black Women Read Too Book Club has open membership.

Please do not be alarmed by the name. While we encourage everyone who identifies as a woman to join, we recognize that in the African American Community "Book Clubs" are not typically highlighted. So we hope our name open the door for more Black Women Gatherings.

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