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Our Book Club Story

I tell people all the time , I was not an avid reader before creating Book Club. I read 1 book , that changed my whole outlook on life. I was so overjoyed that I wanted to share it with every woman I knew. I wanted to show the world that you didn’t have to be a book word to enjoy literature. You could be a Mom , or Rich Auntie. A Teacher , or Exotic Dancer. A young adult , or young at heart. Building this community has been so much fun for me. & being accepted by women you’ve never even met in person is such a beautiful experience . I wish this on everyone!

Black Women Read Too Book Club has open membership.

Please do not be alarmed by the name. While we encourage everyone who identifies as a woman to join, we recognize that in the African American Community "Book Clubs" are not typically highlighted. So we hope our name open the door for more Black Women Gatherings.

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